Top 10 (Food-Related) Things to do in Portland

Zesty PDX Food Tours in Portland, OR : Top 10 (food related) things to do in Portland

1.) Visit urban winery

What is an urban winery? In PDX there are 16 members of the PDX Urban Wineries association. These are a bit different than tasting rooms as in these spaces the grapes are made into wine and in a tasting room the wine is made somewhere else and brought to the tasting room to be sampled. You can't go wrong either way, but just thought I should explain the difference. Anywho, I’m a bit biased, but I love Enso. I had my wedding party here. It is a great atmosphere, has charcuterie, and lovely wines. Try their Portland Sangria too. 

P.S. Looking for a great Tasting room? Try the wines at Fullerton Wines or come on our Alphabet District Tour

2.) Blue star doughnuts, please

For 18 hour to rise brioche donuts with organic and/or all-natural ingredients, Blue Star is a must! Try the passionfruit with cacao nibs or perhaps the Meyer lemon with key lime curd. For an amazing vegan option, try the matcha flavor with lots of real matcha! Get those antioxidants. :)

3.) Visit distillery row

If you’re into spirits, this will be your jam! I’m a big fan of House Spirits and their mini cocktail tasting. But, try them all, you can’t go wrong! 

4.) Go to brunch (top 3 picks)

This is hard! Portland is a brunch city for sure! But, for purposes of this blog, I’m sticking to 3. Broder Nord is a must. I prefer the location near the Mississippi district, but that’s just because I live near that location. I’m a huge fan of the Nord Bord for a lovely nordic variety of items. It’s fun! Next, and for a nice brunch date or just any ole day, I’d say go to Beast. You’ll have a pre-fixed reserve only 4-course brunch for $35.00 (it’s a steal) from an award-winning female chef (Naomi Pomeroy) featured on “Chopped”. Book early and check out the menu before you go... And lastly, I’d head to Harlow on Hawthorne for delicious, whole food ingredients, fresh juices, amazing coffee drinks, and such great servers. The line may be out the door, so go during the week! There’s no meat, but eggs for sure. 

Zesty PDX Food Tours in Portland, OR : Top 10 (food related) things to do in Portland

5.) Visit Fifty Licks, Salt & Straw, or Ruby Jewel

You really can’t go wrong here. You may have to wait in line at all of the locations, but it’ll be worth the wait! Have the arbequina olive oil at Salt & Straw, the ice cream sandwiches at Ruby Jewel and the choco-coco-mel flavor at Fifty Licks. Yes, it’s vegan, but trust me, it is amazing!

6.) Visit a food cart

If I only had one to choose, I’d say to visit Gumba on Alberta. Or, come on the Alberta Art Bite Tour. The handmade burrata is amazing!

Zesty PDX Food Tours in Portland, OR : Top 10 (food related) things to do in Portland

7.) Visit a brewery

With over 60 microbreweries in the city, it’s hard to choose! I’d say you can’t go wrong with Ecliptic, Breakside, or The Commons

Zesty PDX Food Tours in Portland, OR : Top 10 (food related) things to do in Portland

8.) Visit Tea Bar

With multiple locations throughout the city, you can be sure there is one in the neighborhood you are living in while in Portland. I love the Blue Majik, Matcha Latte, and the Beet Rose latte. It’s a must visit if you all-natural ingredients in your boba with a wonderful minimalist atmosphere.

9.) Go to a happyhour

Please refer to my happy hour blog above this blog when you scroll!

10.) Take a ZestyPDX food tour!

Want to eat and learn history while meeting others who have the same interest? Well, come on! It’ll be fun. Learn about our tours and book your favorite!

Zesty PDX Food Tours in Portland, OR : Melissa Guidry Founder and Host of ZestyPDX

Melissa Guidry | Founder of ZestyPDX 

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