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ZestyPDX Food Tours in Portland, OR | Cocktail Spots in the Pearl

The Pearl is a lovely and affluent neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of Portland. It has some of the priciest housing in around and is located along the iconic streetcar route and easily accessible from Downtown Portland and Nob Hill/Alphabet District! There are many lovely galleries and an event called “First Thursdays” Find out more here.

Plus, Powell’s Books is there! Don’t leave Portland without checking out the largest independently owned bookstore in the world. 

One may ask “Why is the Pearl District named the Pearl District”? According to the Pearl District Business Association,  a local gallery owner named the name Pearl District around the turn of the century to suggest that some of its worn down industrial buildings were like dirty oysters and that the galleries and artists' lofts within were like pearls. I always love a good oyster analogy! I am a Cajun after all.

Let’s get to it!

ZestyPDX Food Tours in Portland, OR | Cocktail Spots in the Pearl


I love this hot spot (in the bar) to start the night with small plates and the famed “sacsayhuaman” cocktail pronounced (sac-say- woman) composed of habanero vodka, pure cane sugar, and pureed passionfruit with a sugar rim. Don’t worry, it’s not too hot or too sweet! The tartness of the passionfruit shines in this lovely libation.The drink is named after a citadel outside of Cusco and that makes sense because Andina is owned and operated by Peruvians and is a Portland icon in terms of longevity in the Portland food scene.The bar has live music many nights and is very festive! Check it out here

Insider tip: Leave off the sugar rim for more tartness to shine through!

ZestyPDX Food Tours in Portland, OR | Cocktail Spots in the Pearl

Teardrop Lounge

What can I say? These guys are cocktail artists. If their lovely website is not proof of that, then have one of their ever-changing seasonal cocktails. Having worked in the Pearl for 5 years starting in 2006 I was lucky enough to sample many of their cocktails over the years. They opened in 2007 and gave way to the cocktail scene as it exists in Portland. We take our cocktails very seriously here in the City of Roses. I’m a whiskey and tequila girl so I typically go for those spirits when ordering; however, I know you can’t go wrong. Before house made everything was the uber rage these guys were making bitters and intricately flavored cocktails with the best ingredients possible. For a well-balanced cocktail in a lovely space with some of the best bartenders in the city stop here!

ZestyPDX Food Tours in Portland, OR | Cocktail Spots in the Pearl

Vault Martini

This last recommendation has been a Pearl staple for many years and focuses on martinis. When I worked in the Pearl District Friday nights were meant for sipping on the pineapple habanero infused vodka martini! It is delicious and dangerous. There’s absolutely alcohol in this slightly sweet and slightly spicy libation. Go on Sundays and Mondays as happy hour is featured all day. Yes, I’m SERIOUS folks. Enjoy!

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