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I believe that every bite should be delicious. That’s why I started ZestyPDX. I offer tours of Portland eating and drinking establishments, but I also talk about all things food and the history of the unique neighborhoods we explore.

My philosophy of food is it’s not just about eating, but about the experience of dining together. Breaking bread is an integral part of community and socializing and life and has been for thousands of years.

hi, i'm melissa guidry, founder of zestypdx

I’m a Cajun who grew up near the culinary capital of New Orleans. As a child, I remember crawfish boils, shrimp boils and oyster-shucking sessions with friends and family. It’s during these events that I learned how the preparation and eating of food could bring people together.

When I was about 12, I became obsessed with Southern Living Magazine and started cooking for my family. I remember being so excited about cooking dinner for my dad, and as far as I remember, every dish was a delectable treat.

I lived in Montana and California before settling into Portland in 2006. The bustling community and vibrant food and drink scene lured me and kept me here in the Rose City.

my food and tour experience

I have spent several years guiding and recently curating food tours locally in Portland. When I’m not giving unique gastronomy tours around Portland, I’m showing guests the culture and history of Europe from Amsterdam to Romania down the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers.

My philosophy of food is it’s not just about eating, but about the experience of dining together.

I’ve been involved in every aspect of the food industry from service to education, including working for a culinary school guiding students through the process of picking the culinary program that was right for them.

To enhance my tour directing skill set, I obtained a certification from the International Tour Management Institute.

Whether guiding students into a culinary program or guiding guests through the history and culture of a place, my love of travel (I’ve visited 41 countries and counting!), food and a good story help make my tours interesting and fun.

Food has been an important part of my upbringing, and of my career. It is a part of everything I do, and as my dad says, "When we Cajuns aren’t eating, we’re thinking about what we’re going to eat next."

Get to know our other Tour Guides

hi, i'm Tomás Garza, tour guide for zestypdx

My name is Tomás Garza. I grew up in New Mexico and have been feasting on spicy cuisine since I could walk. I spend half the year in Oregon, half in Mexico. I moved to Portland in 1995 and have enjoyed watching the food scene develop, and of course sampling as many things as possible. Since 2014 I have worked in the travel industry guiding and hosting groups both domestically and internationally. I don’t have a favorite type of food, but I do enjoy cooking every chance I can get. Cooking makes me dance; I firmly believe that food should be a celebration!

My name is Aubrie Weber and I am an Oregon native. I grew up eating fresh steelhead caught by my dad from Oregon Rivers and planting and harvesting fresh produce from our rural Willamette Valley garden. The state of Oregon is abundant in culinary delights and I was lucky to be raised here. My international travels have expanded my love for all foods and good wine. I moved back to Oregon in 2008 and have been baking pies, pickling and cooking with my kids in my home in Portland ever since. I have worked in the culinary world in nutrition and catering and recipe development for the last five years. Bringing friends together to laugh over a vibrant table filled with good food and wine is my idea of a perfect day. Cheers!


Why you should sign up for a tour

1.) Our guides are knowledgeable about the city’s history and restaurants; they are always abreast (and they actually try them!) of new restaurant openings and activities happening in the city.

2.) Our guides have attended trainings to learn about international and national food tourism.

3.) You can meet like minded foodies like yourself!

4.) It’s a super fun thing to do!