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These tours are designed to showcase unique Portland neighborhoods where locals live, drink, eat, walk, and be merry! Each neighborhood has been chosen for its unique history, and/or art, as well as the opportunity to eat and drink like a local and the ease of use for public transit to each location (Portland is consistently rated the top 15 cities in the ENTIRE country for ease of public transit)!! Not only will you eat and drink, but you'll learn interesting Portland facts and history as well as bios of chefs and what makes the Willamette Valley so dang fertile! 

ZestyPDX Portland Food Tours | Food and art tour in the Alberta District in Portland | Food Tour | Wine Tour | Alberta District Brunch | Brunch Food Tour | Portland Food Tour | Food Tour in Portland

Get a taste of
the Alberta
Arts Brunch tour

Th and Fri 11 AM

Love art? Love BRUNCHING too? This could be the tour for you! It’s time to discover the history, art, and brunch in this eclectic Portland neighborhood. Alberta is a true Portland neighborhood in every way. Hear all about Vanport, murals, and Last Thursday while dining in restaurants and food carts! 

ZestyPDX Portland Food Tours | Alphabet District/Slabtown/Stumptown Tour | Northwest Portland Food Tour | NW Portland | Portland Food Tour | Food Tour in Portland

Get a taste of
Alphabet district/

Wed and Sat 2 PM

Wanna check out a beautiful area where I lived for many years? Join us for the unique history and dining experiences of this iconic Portland neighborhood just an easy walk or streetcar ride from the downtown! Explore this charming area filled with old homes converted into shops, restaurants! 

ZestyPDX Portland Food Tours | Mississippi District Food Tour in Portland | Portland Food Tour | Food Tour in Portland

Get a taste of
the mississippi

Coming Soon!

Wanna see one of the hippest Portland neighborhoods? I live a short walk from here! We’ll stroll along and discover the past of this neighborhood that has changed monumentally over time! We’ll eat and drink at delicious restaurants and carts all while learning about PDX and its history! Coming Soon!

ZestyPDX Portland Food Tours | Custom food tour | Private food tour in Portland | Portland Food Tour | Food Tour in Portland

get your own custom/private
food tour

You Choose!

Want a tour in a specific neighborhood or only with your group? No problem, let me know what you would like and I can create a tour in any neighborhood with any theme in mind! Great idea for a bachelor/bachelorette party, incentive gifts for employees, and so much more!

ZestyPDX Portland Food Tours | Melissa Guidry Founder and Host of ZestyPDX Food Tours

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My name is Melissa Guidry and I moved to Portland 13 years ago via a transplant from Louisiana very near New Orleans. I've been a gastronomy tour guide for many years creating itineraries and guiding local food tours as well as in guiding historical and cultural tours in Europe. Before working in tourism and attending the International Tour Management Institute I worked for a culinary and design school here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Trying new restaurants filled with gastronomic delights is a hobby and passion for me along with cooking, voracious food blog reading, my own blogging, and hosting meals for friends and family. And, don't forget travel- it's an equal love of mine! So please join me fellow travelers (and locals too) on an adventure filled with eating, history, and fun!